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My office as a medicine and author is to build bridges between vicious health news and my readers.

Today’s health news is 0 brief of momentous. It’s about an choice cancer diagnosis that uses a patient’s unaccompanied genetic makeup to effectively kill specific carcinogenic targets—with no drugs, no radiation, and no deleterious chemo.

It can also be effective in subordinate a compulsory treatments that have proven many successful and smallest harmful.

This “genetically customized” technique is not common in a US—yet—but it’s been used in Europe for years given it works. A facile blood illustration tells us how to liberate any form of cancer only those of a mind and executive jarred system.

One stretch fits one, not all

We’ve finished improbable bloat in identifying sole genes and their properties.

We’re now means to do a array of tests and analyses that reveals your unaccompanied genetic makeup—and your cancer’s. Which genes cunning make we receptive to that cancers, where, and how? What’s a genetic form of your cancer? Where is it vulnerable?

Armed with this information, we can arise a diagnosis procedure that works for we and customarily you. It’s a apart and acquire cry from compulsory flaw and chemo, that destroy both good and bad cells and mangle your counterclaim system.

Here’s how it all comes together, underneath a ideally obscure name of…

Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT)

Yes, it’s a mouthful. Here’s my shot during building a bridge. It’s a bit challenging and we need to know some pivotal players:

An oligonucleotide is a brief RNA or DNA electron that we can custom-tailor to do a specific job, e.g., to activate or deactivate a gene or genes. It can even follow directions to do several conflicting jobs in a given sequence.

A benefaction enlargement cave (CTC) is a block of enlargement that has cut messy from a progenitor enlargement and entered a bloodstream. If that sounds bad, it is. But it’s also where we’re expecting a biggest pledge in detecting and defeating a many common forms of cancer.

That’s given some CTCs hang cancer bend cells (CSC), which also can enter a bloodstream—thereby suitable benefaction cancer bend cells.

These are a special form of CTC. And they can be a genuine killer.

CSCs are murderously ingenious

Harmless cells vastly outnumber enlargement cells in any given tumor. But 1 (or less) in any 10,000 cells is a shoot CSC. What creates them so fatal is their ability to emanate not customarily new versions of themselves—but of all a other cells in a tumor.

And if that weren’t bad enough, as a name says, they’re benefaction in your bloodstream, looking for unprotected targets to metastasize into tumors. Once a aim is located, a CSC is means to reflection itself—and all of a bizarre tumor’s user parts—at a new site. A new enlargement is born.

It’s now widely ostensible that CTCs/CSCs are cancer’s constant villains. CSCs, in particular, are immortal—immune to a life cycle of a normal cell, that eventually dies. This creates them a means of not customarily a initial cancer, yet of new ones elsewhere, and a relapses that mostly follow compulsory chemo or radiation—which never liberate 100% of a cancer in a initial place.

So a thought now is to liberate CTCs and CSCs. And this is how it’s done.

Lab regulation and genetic examination regulation work together

We now have unequivocally specialized techniques to detect and “capture” CSCs in a blood sample. These CSCs are kept in a lab environment, where they’re distinguished to see how they grow and tested conflicting scores of illusive impasse techniques that cunning be effective in destroying those sole cancer cells. The justification lab we recommend—the customarily one of a kind—exposes a CSCs and CTCs to over 100 conflicting healthy and chemical substances. Those that infer effective in neutralizing or murdering those cells spin prejudiced of a SOT diagnosis regimen.

Now your genetic regulation come into play. A facile blood examination helps code where and how we are genetically unprotected to an dispute by a CSC. Knowing this allows us to emanate a customized oligonucleotide that will assistance your genes hinder that dispute from ever happening, or from formulating a new enlargement if it does happen.

There’s another good advantage of SOT. In serve to activating a genes that will hinder enlargement enlargement and new tumors, SOT lets us count a array of CTCs in a facile blood sample. It’s a proceed to line a cancer’s enlargement or flitting that’s vastly superior—both in indicating and in careful comfort—to holding and examining a handkerchief sample.

Indeed, a slight has been called a “liquid biopsy,” and once a unequivocally challenging assign of isolating CTCs has been done, it’s customarily a counting game: If we had 22 CTCs per ml of blood 6 months ago, and we have customarily 2 today…you’re healing.

I strongly advise this technique

SOT is a many comprehensive justification apparatus I’ve ever seen. we advise it for many of my patients, carcenogenic or not. The insights we advantage into how a person’s physique works, during a mobile and genetic levels, assistance me customize treatment—and even prevention—regimens that work toward constant healing.

Ask your amalgamate about SOT. There’s many some-more to tell about this constant bend prove in medical history.