It seems that a Microsoft Store is once again behaving adult as a huge Gears of War 4 refurbish is being deployed as we speak.

The huge 248GB Gears of War 4 refurbish was speckled by NEOGAF user ‘Gowans’, who records that a initial refurbish for Gears 4 started with 101GB and afterwards changed to some-more than 248GB in size. Upon canceling, a refurbish restarted to download with a sum of 101.1GB once again.

We’re substantially looking during a large blunder on Microsoft’s partial as Gears 4 clocks in during roughly 50GB, though be certain to check your Windows 10 store to forestall this huge refurbish from hidden divided all your bandwidth.

Gears of War 4 was strictly announced for Xbox One during Microsoft’s 2015 E3 briefing. Microsoft after reliable that a shooter would also recover for PC exclusively around a Windows 10 store.